Thursday, 15 May 2014

How To Recycle, Reuse & Reinvent Socks.

Socks, socks, everywhere but not two the same to make a pair!

Someone, somewhere  right now is frantically sorting through a freshly washed basket of clothes wondering, "where the hell is that fourth sock"!

Two pairs went into the machine, but only one and a half came out! Sound familiar?

This is a common, yet unexplained mystery in many households, including ours. So what do you actually do with the sole survivors of these pairs? Throw them out, put them at the back of the drawer, forgotten and never to be worn again or do you recycle, reuse and reinvent them?

We've searched our Pinterest boards and  put together three of the best ways to reuse your spare socks for cleaning.

1. Swiffer Socks.
Buying Swiffer refills can be expensive, so instead use a dry sock, chenille or acrylic, to dust and a wet/damp to wash.

Source i-will-wait0

2. Laundry Dryer Balls.
Cut the long part, cuff of the sock. Turn inside out and sew one end, using a sewing machine or hand sew tightly. Turn the right way again. Fill with 50/50 lavender, or dried flower/herb of your choice and flax seed, to weigh it down. Tuck the ends in and sew tightly together. Voila! Sock scented heaven, pop in the dryer with your washing.

Source Ecokaren 

3. Blind Cleaner.
Use equal parts white vinegar/ warm water in a bowl, soak your sock, wring, pop on your hand like a glove and simply wipe away the dust and dirt. 

Source Buzzfeed

What do you do with your spare socks?

Written by Julia Poole owner and Elite Cleaner

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