Thursday, 25 September 2014

How to clean your shower in 4 steps.

Are you cleaning on a Sunday and if so what? The question I asked my Facebook fans last weekend.

Cleaning the bathroom was the answer I had, and in particular from Katie,"I hate cleaning my shower cubicle".

So, just for you Katie, and anyone else who hates this chore, here's how I clean my shower.

You will need:

3 cups of white vinegar
1 cup washing up liquid (dish soap) any brand will do
Sponge scourer
Microfibre glass cleaning cloth
Old toothbrush/nail brush
Spray bottle

Simply add 2 cups of vinegar and washing up liquid together in a jug and carefully pour into spray bottle. If you warm the vinegar in the jug first for about 1 minute and then pour the washing up liquid into the jug there will be no waste, it'll slide out!

1. Empty your shower of any items and if you have a removable shower head, unscrew and soak in the bathroom basin with hot water and a cup of vinegar. Place a large towel, or a non slip bath mat in the base of your shower. You may need to use a step ladder to reach your tiles. This will stop you from slipping and marking the base.

2. Get in the shower, close the door and generously spray every surface with the vinegar mixture, (please note this is not suitable for cleaning marble or any natural stone products). Pay particular attention to the door runner base. Your toothbrush is needed for this bit. Now step away from your shower and go do something else for the next 20 minutes or so. Keep in mind, the dirtier your shower, the longer you will need to leave the solution.

3. Fill your bucket with hand hot water, soak your sponge and start cleaning your tiles, then door from the top down. Use the scourer side for any stubborn marks, nail brush for grout areas and your toothbrush for hard to reach parts such as inside the door runner. Rinse with fresh clean water, I use the shower hose to do this.

4. The shower base is the last thing to clean and you'll need to be half in, half out on your knees to do this. Who said cleaning was easy?! Spray with solution and repeat the above process. Replace shower head, turn on water and let run for a few minutes to rinse any residue of vinegar away. Remove excess water from the base, tiles and door with a damp microfibre glass cloth.

Repeat this deep clean every month or so, depending on how quickly it becomes dirty again. Spray clean in between using a solution of half vinegar/water. This will keep your tiles and chrome free from limescale marks, and keep your door and base clear of any soap scum.

I don't have a problem with black mould in my bathroom, but if you do here's some extra information on what causes it and how to deal with it.

Written by Julia Poole owner and Elite Cleaner

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