Wednesday, 18 February 2015

How To Clean Glass Cookware.

Casseroles are quick and easy ways to make healthy, nutritious meals, pop in the oven or the slow cooker before going to work, even make the night before, come home and dinner can be served with very little effort.

So after saving on time and lots of washing up whilst preparing your casserole, why would you waste time standing at the sink trying to scrub the dish clean?

Trust me, no amount of putting it back into the dishwasher will remove that burnt on gravy, ( I've tried ) and whilst it's not the end of the world, nothing looks quite so unappetizing as a grubby, dirty dish, I'm a fusspot I know.

Here's how to get your glass dishware sparkling clean, the easy way.

1. Place dish in the sink, or on the drainer and generously sprinkle bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) onto the base. 

2. Fill the dish to the rim with hot water and leave to soak overnight. I'm not saying you can't leave it for less time, I prefer to let it soak, the longer the better.

3. The next morning use hot water and washing up liquid to simply wash clean with a dishcloth.

No sign of the chicken chasseur remain and no scrubbing went into getting it sparkling clean again.

You can use this method on your saucepans and roasting tins too. Here are 60 ways to use baking soda  (bicarbonate of soda)  in your home and garden.

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Posted by Julia Poole owner and Elite cleaner.

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