Tuesday, 3 December 2013


 With new legislation (being enforced over the next eighteen months) making it mandatory for all food establishments to display their food hygiene ratings,it is vital to develop and maintain a regular cleaning schedule. Don't lose customers with bad scores on the doors!

We've put together a Kitchen Deep Clean checklist so you know exactly what to expect from such a clean.
  • Walls cleaned,top to bottom,including all splash backs, internal connector (gas,water) pipes.
  • Interior/exterior canopy/ducting cleaned.Certificate issued on completion for insurance purposes.
  • De greasing/steam cleaning of cooker ranges,chippers, hot plates.
  • De greasing, de carbonising of filters,oven racks/shelving,oven trays,griddles,chipper baskets and all other associated kitchen equipment,using non caustic, biodegradable,100% food safe products.
  • Stainless steel table tops/legs cleaned.
  • Cleaning of white goods,i.e. fridge/freezer, microwave.
  • Exterior fan cleaning.
  • All appliances moved to clean behind (where applicable).
  • Floors degreased and cleaned.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning is a specialist cleaning service and therefore we recommend it only be carried out by experienced, competent, professionals, who can also advise on the frequency of your cleaning plan, in accordance with your kitchen usage. If you would like any advice contact us on 01443 833344,or visit us www.elitecleaners2008.co.uk

When Kitchen Deep Cleaning appliances have to be moved,
as grease gets everywhere!

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