Monday, 6 January 2014

After party cleaning tips.

Cleaning up after a party sometimes is not as straight forward and simple as just removing rubbish, recycling bottles and washing up, although we all wish this was the case!

Sometimes the general clean up can reveal exactly what your guests have been up to, especially when it comes to your carpet.

Unfortunately accidents do happen and if you don't want to call in the professionals, here are some easy kitchen cupboard recipes and tips to help you clean up!


Blot up as much of the wine as you can using kitchen paper towel, DO NOT RUB as this will force the stain deeper into the carpet making it more difficult to clean.

Always work from the outside in as this will prevent the stain from getting any bigger.

Mix 1 tablespoon of dish wash liquid, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and 2 cups of warm water in a bowl and use a clean cloth dipped in this solution to blot the stain.  Alternate between blotting with the solution then blotting with a dry, clean cloth or kitchen towel. Repeat this until the wine stain is gone.

Finish by blotting the area with a cloth dipped in cold water to  remove any cleaning solution that remains and blot dry.



If you get lipstick on your carpet be sure to scrape away any excess with a thin, blunt knife. With a warm damp cloth blot the area to remove any remaining small particles.

Lipstick is oil based so needs a degreasing solution to clean. Mix a small amount of dish wash liquid or laundry powder with warm water and again use with a clean cloth to blot clean as above.

You can also use this method to clean stains from clothing, use a sponge to blot the solution onto the stain and wash in washing machine as normal.



Don't panic if you get chewing gum on your carpet. Either rub an ice cube directly onto the gum (protect your hands) or fill a freezer  food bag with ice cubes and place on top of the chewing gum. Leave or rub the ice for as long as possible, the gum will then become hard and should easily break and pull away from the carpet. Treat the stain with the cleaning solution as above.

If you get gum on your clothes, tablecloths etc simply pop them into the freezer, again for as long as possible and then just pick the gum off, treat with stain removing solution, (as above) and wash in machine as normal.

The freezing method is also ideal for removing candle wax from carpets etc..

As with all stains the sooner you treat them, the more likely you are to remove all traces of them.

Written by Julia Poole owner at Elite Cleaning Ltd.

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